Fear, Anxiety and the Gospel Part 2

Fear, Anxiety and the Gospel Part 2

If you haven’t read part one this will not make that much sense make sure to check out part one here!

As touched upon earlier, our fears play a key role in our sanctification and growth. Without a healthy sense of fear it is near impossible to have a healthy work effect. The book of proverbs is filled with warnings and instructions that are to push us from pride and too repentance and wisdom.

But as mentioned an unhealthy sense of fear does the opposite. Instead of pushing us towards holiness it drives us the other way. Fear causes anxiety. Fear causes dreams to end before they start. Fear kills.

Let’s take the example of a man named Ben fearing isolation and work through some steps biblically he should take to challenge such a fear.

  1. Accept and decipher that this is a fear.

Isolation is a scary reality. Human beings are said to start hallucinating after 48hrs of with no social communication. Yet the Gospel in itself can be an isolator. Isolation from certain social activities and so on. Accepting the fear of isolation will allow one to…   

2. Process through your thoughts, feeling and behaviours surrounding how severe an issue your fears are.

Fear of isolation may leave Ben unable to be alone. Fear of isolation may cause Ben to work hard. However what fear of isolation cannot do is take control of him and his personhood. As mentioned, we must be aware of how we react when our fears a) lead us to sin to attain what we want or b) cause us to sin when we don’t get it. Taking into account how fear affects our decisions is pivotal.

3. Process our thoughts about God, ourselves and others and bring them under to leash of God’s word through the holy spirit.

Being alone is a reality of some stages of human life. Countless numbers of David’s Psalms talk of how alone he feels. The pain of being alone, failed expectations and confusion is not something that God is unaware of. But what is beautiful about the Psalms and something we should emulate is the need to direct our fears vertically. In addition, we need to train our minds to process fearful thoughts biblically. Such as… I am afraid but God is sovereign and to live is Christ and to die is gain. Biblical verse memorisation is key in this area.

4. Look for signs of growth rather than overnight quick fixes.

God has chosen for progressive sanctification to be exactly that. While we should never have a mindset of powerlessness to sin. And one of optimism and joy. With time comes maturity and understanding that God is the grower of our spiritual fruit and he grows us at a rate in accordance to his will. Confirm your election through the means of grace he provides, mainly, a local church and stay sober minded and hopeful that in time a day will come where sin will be not be a thing.

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