A place for my thoughts on the world and how to navigate it. Hope you find something you can take from it.


Who am I? Akwasi Atta Appiah. I’m an undergraduate economics student that is looking to have an impact on everyone I meet. I have a passion for China, growth and the gospel. Check out my other pages for more information.



I have always had a big heart for seeing people fulfil their potential, especially when it comes to creativity. JustSoulFood is a new Instagram channel that is going to promote the best of creative talent from around the world. Look forward to seeing more and more about it, towards the end of the month.


I love China. I can speak Mandarin Chinese and I have been fortunate enough to go China multiple times. I’ve lived and studied in Shanghai. I’ve backpacked around rural China and shacked up with Tibetan people. If you want to read up on any of my experiences in China this is the place to be.


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.